Thursday, July 31, 2008

Darcy Wang-Hw4

Please click here

Just keep on the key pressing for more results.

Homework 4 (Gillian)

1. Press any key for random circles, press g for a blank slate. 2. Various keys trigger various actions.

Hmwk_04 Jennie Tsai


Homework 4

Press "A"




Link to HW4

An expansion on my previous day's work included cleaning up my code a little and adding in keyboard controls for both color and animation speed. If the controls don't work - please make sure you click inside the Processing animation window and then try to press a button, otherwise it doesn't recognize your keyPress. Thanks.

'r' or 'R' = sets fill color to Red
'g' or 'G' = sets fill color to Green
'b' or 'B' = sets fill color to Blue
Up Arrow = frame rate is 120 fps
Down Arrow = frame rate is 30 fps

I just saw Danny's comments regarding random color generation for my previous assignment, if I have some free time later I'll include a keyboard control for that as well.

homework day 4

At first my code was long and made no sense at all, but it still ran as it looks now except that it had no motion. So it took me some time to understand that a script did not have to have all the codes I've learnt so far. :) Of course... Today, I am still struggling with the motion and some of the variables, but thanks to your help Joe I finally have a better notion of when it comes moving elements on the screen and the basic structure of code. Here is assignment day 4:

and here is a video Joe suggested I posted. It is a thesis that, if I am correct, is still in the making; by a Phd student in Computational Arts at Goldsmiths, University of London. Hope you all like it. It's beyond my comprehension and I am in awe! TRULY! 

Helena Homework4

Variation size of circle



Homework 3 - Speligene




width="300" height="300"
standby="Loading Processing software..." >

width="300" height="300"
standby="Loading Processing software..." >

This browser does not have a Java Plug-in.

Get the latest Java Plug-in here.


Just worked on getting familiar with processing and went through the different shapes, trying to think better in co-ordinates and RGB values-

Homework 3 (Gillian)

I made krazy-face man instead of an animation. Then I made a crappy animation.

HW 3

This is a VERY simple example of the homework from last night!

Exploding rings woohoo!



Darcy Wang-Hw3

Finally, it's done!! It took me even longer to figure out how the animation works. So, I haven't done anything about making it fancier...

Hmwk_03 Jennie Tsai

HelenaWong HOMEWORK3

floating rectangle

Homework_03 from Danny Chang

Oh well... after a long night....  here is something i created with processing for the homework.  It will help u sleep if you look at it for a while. LOL.  I don't know if processing can be time coded like flash.  That might help with controlling the timing of every object.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Homework 3(Ki Won Kwak)

a set of simple animations


Link to HW3

Here's the animation I put together, it incorporates a couple different concepts and the code itself is fairly dynamic (ellipse origin and size are based on stage width and height expressed as the built-in variables). Fill opacity is linked to the scale of the ellipse, and the fill color changes based on whether it's "growing" or "shrinking". Using conditional statements, once it "grows" to the bounds of the stage, it switches to "shrinking" until it reaches a scale of 0, and then it switches back to growing, therefore the endless loop is built in.

Homework 2 (Gillian)

These are pretty simple, they don't change color or anything. I might be missing a few of the shapes... Moving on...

Homework 3 - Erica Osher

Compose a set of simple animations, playing with the various control parameters of each drawing command.

Hmwk_02 Jennie Tsai


A processing composition

animation example

int x;

void setup() {
x= 0;

void draw() {
ellipse(50, 50, x, x);

if(x > 105) {
x = -5;

Darcy Wang-Homework7/29

It took me a while to complete this hw. I wish I could have more time to do the color changing stuff.


Pretty basic, just went through the exercise and wanted to explore the different strokeCap, strokeWeight, some fill and alpha options that we didn't get to cover in class as much.

Link to HW2

Homework 2 - Erica Osher

This is just an exploration of colors, shapes and movement within processing.

HelenaWong HOMEWORK2

I just start with putting all the different shapes and repositioned them into a face like object (profile). Then I started to play with fill, stroke and transparency.Oops I included my codes on the screenshot, please bear with that.

Homework_02 from Danny Chang

Oh well... after a long night....  here is something i created with processing for the homework.  I realized Processing is extremely easy to learn comparing with other programming languages.  The logics from other programming languages can be easily applied to Processing. It's fun if i can spend more time on it, also i can't wait to learn all the logical commands.  I really do think Processing can be a handy tool for brainstorming and quick sketch before applying to any other "strict structured" programming languages.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

How to post homework to the blog:

  1. take a screen shot of your final product
    1. click the "run button" in processing
    2. IF PCuse print scrn button (it's on your keyboard)
      ELSE IF MAC hit ctrl-shift-4 select the screen area to grab
    3. IF PC open image editor paste image into a new file
      ELSE IF MAC find image on desktop and open image in an image editor
    4. crop image as needed
    5. resize image to 200 X 200

  2. Export from processing
    1. Go back to processing
    2. hit the export button in Processing.
    3. Note the location of the folder that is created.

  3. Upload the folder to your a server account
    1. Open your FTP program.
    2. Login to your newschool account.
    3. Navigate to public_html folder on the server.
    4. Create a folder called "processing" (or some similar name).
    5. upload the folder created by processing upon export.
    6. Once the folder is uploaded give it a unique name (you can name it homework1 or 2 or whatever homework number it is *make sure there are NO spaces in the name)

  4. Link to the index.html file in your blog post.
    1. Goto and login.
    2. create a new post
    3. add your homework screen shot with the add image button (it looks like a small picture of a mountain)
    4. once image is in place add a link to the index.html file in the folder on the server. The link will be something like:

  5. write whatever you like about your homework. You could just write the assignment out so people know what motivated you to create your beautiful work of art.

  6. click publish, your done.