Thursday, August 14, 2008

Audio Input Analysis

To run this app. Please make sure your microphone is on. For windows please click on your speaker icon and go to properties and check the microphone on box. Run the application and have music going on in the background. Hopefully that will work.


Wednesday, August 13, 2008


This one is fun -
it starts draws filled red circles with transparency towards origin
LEFT mouse click - gray outline circles diagonally down
RIGHT mouse click - outline black circles towards the right

was trying to make patterns with it and was fun -


Was just fooling around with an earlier piece- i want it to re-start every time i move the mouse but couldnt figure out how to do that-

here - concentric circles


Array - to be used in my website too-check it out

Monday, August 11, 2008


Sort of ridiculous, and built off similar principles to what I'll be exploring for my final project.

Friday, August 8, 2008


1. Research
2. Conclusions


passion: art/abstract

I found abstract paintings and art are really interesting and playful.
These abstract graphics can be used for lots of ways like wall painting decorations, desktop wall papaer, etc.

For the processing final, I'll be using abstract painting as beginning of my project, then the other function goes on for different efftects.



I find patterns in the visual context and in the larger realm of the universe such as echos, seasons, change of day and night, fractals very intriguing. Their precise, mathematical, predictable, repetitive and yet surprising nature appeals to me.

Patterns can be created very simply and their use in design, textiles, architecture, etc is unique to every region in the world; this attaches great historical, cultural and traditional importance to them.

Simple patterns are made up with a single unit repeated periodically in a predictable system. By making slight modifications to basic visual patterns I want to further explore the internal relation between units and how that would affect the relation between the unit and the whole.

Specifically I want to play with parameters such as time/pace, scale, color, texture and create complex, rich and emotive patterns for my website -

Danny's Passion

Danny has passion in many things.  He likes Design, Snowboarding, Party, Clubbing, Photography, and Mixing drinks.

In Design, he loves package design and web design the most.  He designed his first web page when he was 12 with hand coding HTML.   You can see his graphic design portfolio at

As for Snowbording, danny came from a place which doesn't have any snow which is Taiwan.  And then there was no snow as well when he lived in Hawaii.  He began his life of snowboarding since he studied in upstate new york.  He got his season pass every winter on "Whiteface" which was Winter Olympic Mountain.

Snowboarding on Whiteface from Danny Chang on Vimeo.

I will skip my cocktails, party and clubbing topic by posting a drink i made.  Enjoy!!!

Thursday, August 7, 2008


graphic design

graphic design formats:
- page layout
- printmaking
- typography
- web design

- production artist
- art derextor

graphic design VS motion graphics
typography, still image

Jennie's Passion - Hawai'i

I LOVE Hawai'i. It's the best place in the world to relax and free your minds. The lifestyle there is very carefree and slow paced. The islands are surrounded by the beautiful Pacific ocean which is also one of my passions. I love all sorts of water sports. Surfing, snorkeling, sailing, scuba diving and any other activities you can think of that involves the ocean. The Polynesian Cultural Center is a must see when you go to Hawai'i. You get to experience the adventures of Hawaiian and other South Pacific cultures in just one place. Best known for the famous Waikiki Beach (spouting water) in Honolulu, O'ahu (the gathering place).

Interesting little facts:
Hawai'i is known for originating the aloha spirit, creating a warm environment for the international melting pot that exists in these islands. It's also famous as the home of hula, a dance of graceful hand movements and gestures—not to be mistaken for the fast hip-shaking dance of Tahiti.

helena homework 7/8 rotate

flying disc

I got the color thingy from Kunal's help. Thanks!

Hw 7_My passionation: Video+Music+Code=VJing

Who is VJ

The VJ is becoming an essential part of the clubbing experience. They're the people who mix and scratch video clips in the way that DJs cut up records. Almost all major clubs now have someone on hand to provide projections to go with the music.

"If you think about it, there's a DJ in almost any bar you go into now. In 5 years time, chances are there'll be a VJ as well."
Brainfresh - VJ

What VJs do
There are two stages to VJing. One is collecting together the video clips, editing and treating them so that you have a library of amazing images to play with. The second is when you get to the gig and string them together into a set.

The basic tools you'll need for this are:
  • A video camera to record images to use in your set
  • A laptop computer to edit the images and to play them out in the club
  • Software for editing and treating your images
  • Software to allow you to play out your images interactively
  • A projector to show it all happening.
There are some other nice-to-have things that we'll come to in a bit but for now here's some more detail on the main bits.

"When I VJ now for other people, we get just as much attention as the DJs because, I'd say, probably one in five young men is a DJ. VJing is something new and a bit interesting. You do have to be a bit more skilled and specialist to do it."

Ed Shinobi - VJ

Using Video Cameras
Your second essential purchase is going to be a video camera. Part of the joy of VJing is creating your library of images. There's more on the creative aspects of that later in this section. For now let's look at the practical side.

As well as the camera you need a video capture card - that's the device that enables you to transfer video from your camera to the computer. Generally speaking, PCs don't come with one of these built-in and Macs do. But this isn't a hard and fast rule so check before you buy.

Video capture cards come in three varieties:
  • If you have a Digital Video (DV) camera, you can download digitally using its firewire port - a high speed data connection similar to USB.
  • If you have a VHS video camera then you'll need a card which will take composite video. That's a basic way of transferring video which uses a phono socket.
  • If you have a Hi-8 or SVHS format video camera, you'll need to transfer in analogue and will probably need an S-Video jack. S-Video is higher that quality than composite video and is transferred using a multi-pin connector that looks like a PC mouse plug.
You can pick up a very basic analogue video capture card for as little as £50. More sophisticated ones, and those featuring S-Video inputs, are more in the £100-£150 range. PC - compatible users may need to allow £100 or so for a firewire port for their laptop if they want to plug a DV camera into it.

It's also worth getting a camera with a decent-sized screen built in. Later, when you expand your set-up to include a video mixer you can use your camera as a video player and mix pre-made tapes in with your lap-top's output. If you're going to do that, it's handy to have a good-sized screen for previewing and cueing up the tapes.

Getting gigs
At the moment, VJing is still something of a developing market. Most decent sized clubs have video projection facilities these days. Do some research and then get to work. Get hold of some promoters and start badgering them for gigs. (Promoters who hire clubs with no projection facilities probably aren't interested in having visuals but you could try and charm someone into hiring some...)

Like anything there's a build-up process. You've missed the boat being a real pioneer, so the early birds have stitched up most of the plum gigs. But you can still start looking around for smaller nights and grow your name from there.

Get together a demo video. Start sending out copies on VHS, making sure you target promoters who are going to like the music you've chosen. See what Kriel and Ed have to say:

"The first step in booking gigs on your own is to make a blinding demo video. Pick the music you like. Mix to it, then edit it down to 5 minutes (and no more) on that laptop. Then dub it to VHS and send those tapes out to promoters who deal with that music. Follow up every tape with a call. Every time someone says 'no', or even worse says nothing at all, send out another ten tapes to another ten promoters. Don't accept 'no'. Every step up the ladder only takes one 'yes'."
Kriel - VJ

"It depends how you price yourself and the size of the night. If they've got 2,000 people coming in then they've got money to play with. They're going to want that night to be good because they want to keep those thousands of people. If there's a night that's only got 500 people you have to ask yourself how much money they'll be making. It's generally not a lot so you just got to think how much they'll be willing to pay for something that isn't a necessity."
Ed Shinobi - VJ

HW7 Joon

Play it


Link for HW7

Sorry for the delay, here's my file. Ellipse rotates around the center of the stage thanks to atan2 and translate. Scale is set w/ distance and fill is dynamic. Take a look at the code for more info.

Helena's Passion

My first passion is PIANO:

I learnt it since I was 3 and I stopped during my college years. i always want to pick it up again.
This is the link to my favourite piano brand:
The touch and the tone of it is so perfect
Piano also represents classic, elegance to me
Now they have this auction for piano and help save victims in earthquakes
Charity is also an important factor to me and Lang Lang is one of my favorite piano artist

My second passion is Helvetica:
I love this font.
Clean, simple, but as an impact
The moma installation for Helvetica a few months ago is my favourite. I once did my first letter of my name "H" with Helvetica in my resume.

I LOVE HOW THIS LINK allows you to play the piano

Hmwk_07 Jennie Tsai

thanks Joon for helping me out ;)

Wednesday, August 6, 2008


Please click here

Easing and atan2 - Erica Osher

Letterpresses are the Coolest Thing Ever!

That's right. And they're super addictive: I got my first press in March and now I have 3. A good place to learn about letterpress is at Briar Press. Here's me pulling some prints with my Sigwalt "Ideal" number 5-depending on who you ask this is the best tabletop letterpress ever made.

Here's my big press. It's 97 years old and weights about 1200lb. I'd reeally wanted to finish cleaning and re-assembling it before boot camp started, so I spent the week before last covered in grease and chunks of old ink... Probably should have spend some of that time packing, turns out Sunday morning before classes start is not an ideal time to pack... and I still didn't get it finished.


Here's what it will look like when I get it put back together:

Amusing aside: When I bought my Sigwalt at Letterpress Things, a dealer in Springfield MA, I met a couple from NYC. I don't know how the topic came up, but it turns out he was (and is) a student in the Design & Technology BFA program. I had not yet received my acceptance at the time. It seemed so unlikely that I should come across someone from here then and there. I saw them again a few months ago at a Letterpress convention hosted by Letterpress Things, and got the low down on what was up around the department. I can't remember his name... Anyway, that's how cool letterpress is

Passion homework

Exploring your passion.
Pick one or two items from your list of passions to explore in more depth. Research or demonstrate your knowledge within the realm of your passion. You may do this in a number of ways: a list of links and summaries, a few paragraphs explaining your knowledge and expereince with your passion, images and captions.
Post this stuff to the blog.
MAKE SURE you put your NAME in the label field at the bottom of the post window.

and check these links:
Cool processing stuff there
Visit this one to see some of the libraries that are out there. They will allow you to do cool things with less code by leveraging someone elses work :)

Also, to reiterate... Read this from the book! :
Extentions 1 (Actually read this one, it's not that long and it ties into the final project!!!)

Keep sane!

helena homework 7/8

chasing cursorS, one of them changes the size

Round one Fight!

Pocket fighters anyone?



I just managed to delete ALL my files off the I'll get those back up asap...

Hw6_Ki Won Kwak


The word "cowboy" appeared in the English language by 1725. It appears to be a direct English translation of vaquero, a Spanish word for an individual who managed cattle while mounted on horseback. This term has been used for years to describe the men that herded cattle. However, these men did not just ride around on horses and shoot each other all day. I believe that they lived a very disciplined lifestyle that followed a strict code of ethics. I am passionate about the way that these people ran their daily lives. I believe that today, we have a lot to learn from those rough and tough horsemen. They believed in right and wrong. They were men of honor, dignity and their word. They always walked the walk after talking the talk. They were honest and fair. I try to live by the "code of cowboy ethics" and model my life after them. Not to mention, I love horses and cowboy boots!


Circles - Up and Down

Please double click on the processing with your mouse ( this is to draw focus to the processing bit on the page) and then Use the UP or Down arrow key to interact with the circles- it moves kinda fast so you have to be quick-


helena animation



No one did hw 7! that's okay I didn't post it and I'm sure you can all use the break, so for Thursady: Create a composition that utilizes the mouse for interaction and the transform functions including push and pop matrix. You are encouraged to also utilize some of the material we covered today, including trig, curves etc.

(from Tuesday)
Input 1: Mouse I
Input 4: Mouse II
Drawing 1
Transform 1
Transform 2
(from today)
Math 2: Curves
Motion 1: Lines and Curves
Math 3: Triganometry
Extentions 1 (Actually read this one, it's not that long and it ties into the final project!!!)

Things I like- Rohini

-milk chocolate
-bubble baths
-White Wine
-Vacation in Europe
-Hindi movies!


hw 3- i'm trying to catch up so just keeping it simple-


its loading really slowly and i'm sure there's a way to make the code less repetitive but not sure how-

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

HW6_using image Joon

It was a big challenge controling speed of mouth movement according to the distance. I finally achieved it but I don't think this is a good code. (It takes long time to load images.)

Homework 5 (Gillian)

Doesn't really include an array, but I did use what I know about drawing and animation... (requires keyboard input, by the way)


Please wait for the loading...





might be a little glitchy...

Hmwk_06 Jennie Tsai

Turning Tigger!

Things I'm passionate about:
1. Family 
2. Travelling
3. Extreme sports
4. Skiing
5. Hawaii
6. Music
7. Ocean
8. Horseback riding


More info than you need to know but....

Favorite Music:
Favorite TV Shows:
Favorite Movies:
Favorite Books:

Homework 6 - Erica Osher

"High-speed impact experiment performed at the NASA Ames Vertical Gun Range (AVGR) showing the evolution of the hot vapor and debris (ejecta) launched out of the crater. Image courtesy: P. H. Schultz, Brown University and AVGR."

Hw_6 Ki Won Kwak

what I like:

graphic design
motion graphics


!. Comics and Illustration (or art in general)
@. Music
#. Video Games
$. Myth and Folklore
%. Zoology (specifically Entomology)


the following is my list:

what i love:
1. comic boobs/books
2. movies/anime
3. sleep
4. design/art
5. nice food

speaking of the animated part, i'm working on it.

( be continued)

Homework 6 (Gillian)

This isn't working at the moment, and I can't fix it because I'm having trouble uploading.

Coming soon: New, better version! Also, homework #5! And more passions (not of the Christ)!

Oh, stupid wireless network timed out... able to upload again.

Passions: letterpress (-ing, -es, etc.), my doggies, driving

Things I love

Rain, Christmas Music, Cowboys, Horses (maybe that can go in the cowboy category!), Designer Jeans, Iced Coffee, and Planners(organizers... but it has to be monthly and weekly).

HW6_list Joon

Things I'm passionate about

1. Video
2. Music
3. Game
4. Club
5. Cook
6. Clothes

try 2

3-5 items Erica Osher

Scuba diving, sushi, optical illusions, "mockumentaries"


Things I Am Passionate About:
1) Design
2) Music
3) Sports
4) Smoothies
5) Sleep

hw 5

Hmwk_05 Jennie Tsai

Homework_06 from Danny Chang

Key Up - increase the speed of spanning.

Key Down - slow down.

Key left - change the BG to brighter.

Key right - change the BG to darker.

Thai, hopefully this will spanning in ur head tonight.

a short list (3 to 5 items) of things

- Snow
- Snowboard
- iPhone
- Macbook
- cute girl.

The story will be like... 

a cute girl lying on the snow with only iphone and macbook on.

while i am snowboarding... 

LOL.. just kidding

helena hw6_1


helena hw6


HW6-KDP (>'.')>

Link to HW6

Here's the original .gif that I used - which I guess won't animate on Blogger but trust me that it does. I used a program to split it into its individual frames (24), resaved them as .jpg's (as I learned that Processing doesn't render .bmp's the hard way) and then messed around with some image code to make the loading more dynamic and control the frame rate.

UP arrow and DOWN arrow control the frame rate, of which there are three values - slow, normal, and fast. You can continue to press in either direction to cycle through the frame rate values.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Homework 5_Ki Won Kwak

Things I ran into over the weekend...

noisolpxE dniM (all in processing)

That guy is good.

...and game (once again, all in processing)



Things I am passionate about…
Fresh-brewed coffee,
Pantone Warm Gray, The Beverly Hillbillies (black and white episodes),
Mod houses
, a night sky, live music (Honky Tonk) and oatmeal cookies (mom's)


Christmas Lights

Homework 6

Typography 1: Display page 111 (pdf. 138)
Image 1: Display, Tint page 95 (pdf. 122)
Image 2: Animation page 315 (pdf. 342)


  1. Create a composition using the techniques covered today. Try to focus on image animation using Arrays.
  2. make a short list (3 to 5 items) of things you are passionate about. Items may be general like art), specific (the mating call of whooping craines), or abstract (like the relationship between a whale and a humming bird). Post your lists to the blog.

HW 3 and 4

click here

Homework 5 - Erica Osher

helena Homework5 more

More animation for hw5


Link to HW5

Click on screen to create an instance of an animated circle that throbs. Can place up to 10 instances on the screen. Much credit and thanks go to Jun for his help in getting this working and making the code a lot more efficient.


Click here.

It's a static picture. I didn't have this assignment animated.

Homework5 from Danny Chang

This animation is generated by random color  and using a loop to create an array for position.

helena hw5


HW5, Thai

HW5 Joon

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Homework 5

Please use what you already know about drawing and animating shapes along with your new knowledge of arrays and functions to write a program. You can modify a program you have already written or write a new one from scratch. It can be animated or static.

Remember arrays are like lists. You could write a function that draws a shape where the point's values are held in arrays or you could use an array to assign values to your function's parameters in a for loop that calls the function.

Good luck and have fun with the assignment!

Daisey Function Code

If you play with the code and enter different values in the daisy function's parameter's you might find the results a bit strange. The reason for this is the way the original daisy is drawn. Because we are using pushMatrix(); and popMatrix(); the daisy is being moved relative to it's original position within the window. The original position is the center of the window. When using these functions it's better to draw the shape at the top left of the window, this way all changes are relative to the point 0, 0.

If you want you could try to modify the daisy function so it draws the daisy at the top left corner of the window, then see how much easier it is to position.

If none of what I am saying makes sense than I recommend cutting and pasting this code into processing and using the daisy function to draw some daisy's.

void setup () {
size (500,500);
background (13,121,43);
ellipseMode (CENTER);
smooth ();

void draw () {
daisy(-50, -150, 0, 1);
daisy(-150, -150, 0, 1.6);
daisy(600, 75, 1.5, 1);
daisy(400, 5, 1, .4);

void daisy(int x, int y, float r, float scale) {
translate(x, y);
scale(scale, scale);


//this part draws the daisy
stroke (100, 255, 0);
line(250, 250, 350, 500);
stroke (0);
fill (255);
ellipse (250, 200, 100, 150);
ellipse (300, 250, 150, 100);
ellipse (250, 300, 100, 150);
ellipse (200, 250, 150, 100);
fill (220, 160, 0);
ellipse (250,250,100,80);


Friday, August 1, 2008

homework 4

This is an example of keyboard strokes (except i missed the directions of the circle and kinda used a triangle! sorry!


HW2 Flower Taxis-Thai Le

Homework 4 - Erica Osher

Press any key and it will create a different sized circle... Try the number keys too.

homework_04 from Danny Chang

Control the circles with keyboard.  when you click it will create a random circles.  if you keep pressing the mouse, it will keep rendering the images continuously.  ;) 

HW4 Joon

You can control it with up, down, left, right key.