Tuesday, July 29, 2008

How to post homework to the blog:

  1. take a screen shot of your final product
    1. click the "run button" in processing
    2. IF PCuse print scrn button (it's on your keyboard)
      ELSE IF MAC hit ctrl-shift-4 select the screen area to grab
    3. IF PC open image editor paste image into a new file
      ELSE IF MAC find image on desktop and open image in an image editor
    4. crop image as needed
    5. resize image to 200 X 200

  2. Export from processing
    1. Go back to processing
    2. hit the export button in Processing.
    3. Note the location of the folder that is created.

  3. Upload the folder to your a server account
    1. Open your FTP program.
    2. Login to your newschool account.
    3. Navigate to public_html folder on the server.
    4. Create a folder called "processing" (or some similar name).
    5. upload the folder created by processing upon export.
    6. Once the folder is uploaded give it a unique name (you can name it homework1 or 2 or whatever homework number it is *make sure there are NO spaces in the name)

  4. Link to the index.html file in your blog post.
    1. Goto blogger.com and login.
    2. create a new post
    3. add your homework screen shot with the add image button (it looks like a small picture of a mountain)
    4. once image is in place add a link to the index.html file in the folder on the server. The link will be something like: http://a.parsons.edu/~username/processing/homework2/index.html

  5. write whatever you like about your homework. You could just write the assignment out so people know what motivated you to create your beautiful work of art.

  6. click publish, your done.


DCNY said...
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DCNY said...

Hey Joe, the timezone of the blog is 3 hours eariler than New York. :)