Wednesday, August 6, 2008


The word "cowboy" appeared in the English language by 1725. It appears to be a direct English translation of vaquero, a Spanish word for an individual who managed cattle while mounted on horseback. This term has been used for years to describe the men that herded cattle. However, these men did not just ride around on horses and shoot each other all day. I believe that they lived a very disciplined lifestyle that followed a strict code of ethics. I am passionate about the way that these people ran their daily lives. I believe that today, we have a lot to learn from those rough and tough horsemen. They believed in right and wrong. They were men of honor, dignity and their word. They always walked the walk after talking the talk. They were honest and fair. I try to live by the "code of cowboy ethics" and model my life after them. Not to mention, I love horses and cowboy boots!

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