Friday, August 8, 2008

Danny's Passion

Danny has passion in many things.  He likes Design, Snowboarding, Party, Clubbing, Photography, and Mixing drinks.

In Design, he loves package design and web design the most.  He designed his first web page when he was 12 with hand coding HTML.   You can see his graphic design portfolio at

As for Snowbording, danny came from a place which doesn't have any snow which is Taiwan.  And then there was no snow as well when he lived in Hawaii.  He began his life of snowboarding since he studied in upstate new york.  He got his season pass every winter on "Whiteface" which was Winter Olympic Mountain.

Snowboarding on Whiteface from Danny Chang on Vimeo.

I will skip my cocktails, party and clubbing topic by posting a drink i made.  Enjoy!!!

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