Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Letterpresses are the Coolest Thing Ever!

That's right. And they're super addictive: I got my first press in March and now I have 3. A good place to learn about letterpress is at Briar Press. Here's me pulling some prints with my Sigwalt "Ideal" number 5-depending on who you ask this is the best tabletop letterpress ever made.

Here's my big press. It's 97 years old and weights about 1200lb. I'd reeally wanted to finish cleaning and re-assembling it before boot camp started, so I spent the week before last covered in grease and chunks of old ink... Probably should have spend some of that time packing, turns out Sunday morning before classes start is not an ideal time to pack... and I still didn't get it finished.


Here's what it will look like when I get it put back together:

Amusing aside: When I bought my Sigwalt at Letterpress Things, a dealer in Springfield MA, I met a couple from NYC. I don't know how the topic came up, but it turns out he was (and is) a student in the Design & Technology BFA program. I had not yet received my acceptance at the time. It seemed so unlikely that I should come across someone from here then and there. I saw them again a few months ago at a Letterpress convention hosted by Letterpress Things, and got the low down on what was up around the department. I can't remember his name... Anyway, that's how cool letterpress is

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